Are you ready for flea season?

bio groom

Now that the weather is finally warming up, the fleas and ticks will soon be out and looking for food. Don’t let your dog or cat be the first meal.  Make sure they’re protected by using flea and tick treatments.

Try our Bio-Groom Flea & Tick Shampoo.  This shampoo is enriched with protein and lanolin to keep your pet’s coat soft and shiny.  It also smells great!

In-between baths, use AromaCare Calming Lavender Spray.  Lavender keeps fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes away, and has an added benefit of calming your pet.

Our Bio-Groom Lido-Med Anti-Itch Spray will relieve any irritation they may already be suffering with.

Did you know you can use a flea comb to help remove the excess fur your pet is shedding right now?  Don’t forget to pick one up. Your pet will thank you!


$1 Off Self-Wash and Support Needy Pets

Bring in a can or bag of cat or dog food and get $1 off a self-wash.  All donations will be given to Easel Animal Rescue League, Shelter, and Pet Adoptions.  Please support this wonderful cause and their needy pets today.

Consider adopting today.  These are my rescued babies, who are now all spoiled and living the good life:


How to wash your dog


1) Brush your dog before bathing.  Mats are painful to your dog and washing makes them tighter and harder to get out.

2) Wet fur well before applying shampoo.  Always read shampoo instructions to see if it needs to be diluted.  Too much sudsing is hard to rinse and can cause itching and irritation to your dog’s skin.

3) Wash head and face last with a tear free cleanser.  Make sure the ears are down when wetting or rinsing.  You can cup your hand around the ear to help keep water out.

4) Rinse well. Run your hand against the fur to look for any remaining suds and rinse until the water runs clear.

5) Before toweling, press your hand against the fur and slide it down to “squeegee” the water away. This will save on towels and drying time.

6) Towel dry from head to tail, belly, and legs. Dry, if needed, but make sure the temperature is warm or cool.  A hot dryer can burn.

7) Give praise and/or treat and enjoy your clean dog.